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About us

Is an Iraqi non-governmental organization that seeks to protect the natural heritage of the Tigris River in Iraq as a historic extension and a vital depth for Mesopotamia's. The association works to link the efforts of civil movements concerned with the environment in Iraq with their counterparts in the Tigris River Basin, and common cooperation, in proportion to the common destiny of the peoples of this region.

Our Campaigns

Villajoyosa, Spain 12. july 2015. Embalse de Amadorio. Water basin. Drought.


The Water Protectors Network in Iraq, an advocacy group working to monitor and preserve Iraq’s rivers and waterways, expanded its reach by creating a new group of young activists through a series of trainings offered in different cities throughout Iraq from 19-29 July. The trainings aimed at developing the capacity of new water protector teams and hoped to inspire more environmental advocacy movements. This work is especially urgent now given the problems suffered by Iraq’s rivers, largely due to pollution from unregulated sewage outlets and the careless dumping of harmful substances. There is also the issue of seasonal water scarcity, particularly dire in the summer months.
The Peace Forums in Anbar (Hit, Ramadi and Falluja), working within the framework of the Iraqi Social Forum and in collaboration with the Humat Dijlah, recently held a training workshop on creating new water protectors and activating environmental advocacy movements in the three cities. 17 activists in the field of environment and water from local forums participated in the workshop, in which participants received a range of tools and mechanisms to enhance their experience in building targeted and successful campaigns, over the two days of 24-25 June in Hit, Anbar.
For 12.000 years, Hasankeyf in the Southeast of Turkey has been a site of uninterrupted human settlement. With the labour of dozen of cultures this outstanding universal site has been created on the banks of the Tigris River and adjacent small valleys and hills. Recent excavations show that Hasankeyf lays atop of a deep, uncovered cultural heritage. Independent researchers state that Hasankeyf and the surrounding Tigris Valley are as important historically as Ephesus, Troy and Cappadocia and fulfill 9 out of the 10 UNESCO criteria for a World Heritage Site. It is assumed that Hasankeyf is the twin of Göbeklitepe, a sanctuary site 225 km to the west with a similar age, which led to global new conclusions on history’s first human settlement.

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Our partners

In the Tigris River Protectors Association, we are keen to apply the methods that achieve the maximum impact, that’s why we work with partners that share us the vision required to achieve that impact to preserve the intuitive rights of future generations to have the axioms of life such as clean water and the environment.